5 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Radiant Post-Flight

5 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Radiant Post-Flight
Boarding a flight for a destination near or far can be really exciting, especially if your trip is for pleasure instead of business. But no matter the reason for your travel, nothing is worse than arriving with dry and damaged skin that leaves you feeling less than your best. And, unfortunately, you often have to embark on your journey without all your favorite premium skincare products in tow so you could spend most of your trip struggling to get your skin back to normal. Thankfully Kate Somerville skin expert of 8 years, Michelle Freese shared some tips with us to keep radiant skin and beauty intact regardless of where you are headed!


Skin Tips

The biggest challenge to keeping skin radiant while in-flight is that the air tends to be much drier than your skin is used to. In fact, the recycled air in a plane’s cabin is usually somewhere around 10% humidity while most of us experience somewhere around 30% humidity in our day-to-day lives on the ground. With that in mind, Michelle said that the key to radiant skin post-flight is to do everything you can to minimize the effects of this dry air on your specific skin type, such as sensitive skin or oily skin.


1. Moisturize… and Then Moisturize More 

Obviously one of the best ways to combat dry skin is to provide it with as much moisture as possible which you can do in two ways. First, apply a thick cream moisturizer or even an overnight hydrating mask as your board your flight. This will help lock in any existing moisture while providing extra support for the harsh conditions your skin is about to endure. Second, and maybe slightly less obvious, is to drink A LOT of water. Keeping your entire body hydrated by drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin moisturized from the inside out.


2. Exfoliate While You’re At It 

Dead skin, dirt, and debris can easily clog pores and cause a breakout which is the last thing any of us want to experience when we touch down in our destination locale. To help keep your skin clear, use a gentle exfoliant or facial scrub before and after your flight. Sloughing away any dead dry skin will keep it from lingering on your face and leave you with smooth and glowing skin.


3. Power Up with Hyaluronic Acid 

Using a gel-based mask or serum that features hyaluronic acid as a primary ingredient to help revitalize tired skin post-flight. As a skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture [1]. The Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior® 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serum is a great option that is designed to plump and hydrate skin. For an even greater effect, try applying your hyaluronic acid serum under your moisturizer to help lock the product in.


4. Hold Off on Makeup 

As tempting as it may be to wear makeup on your flight, try to avoid it when you can and wait to apply it when you arrive. Most makeups tend to dry out our skin even on the ground so wearing them on an airplane can amplify those effects. This is especially true for longer flights such as cross country or international routes.


5. Don’t Forget Your SPF

Hopefully you are already wearing sunscreen on a daily basis but it’s important to not forget to put it on even when you are flying. In may seem like you don’t need it until you arrive at your destination, but you will actually be much closer to the sun’s damaging rays in the air than on the ground. You might be able to control your window shade, but you won’t be able to control anyone else’s, so applying an SPF will allow you to protect your skin from sun damage.


A little preparation and planning for your skincare treatment can go a long when preventing the negative effects of air travel on your skin. Check out our list of skin travel essentials as an extra preparation guide for keeping your radiant glow when you’re on the go! In addition to the tips above, we recommend packing travel size skin care so you can always have them with you. Often times the brand may offer them within skin care travel kits but even if they don’t, you can purchase empty bottles and small cosmetic pots to take whatever you need with you on your next trip. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your skincare regimen and radiant skin every time you get on an airplane and now you won’t have to!



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