“When you believe in something, you find a way. We’re finding our way.”

18 years ago, armed with nothing but a dream to transform lives by healing people’s skin, I opened my clinic doors in Hollywood. I had no real proof I’d make it. And yet, I found a way.

The same can be said about the last two years. In our lifetime, we’d never been through a global pandemic. Yet, we continue finding our way, with plenty of grit and grace.

Maybe it’s because my clinic’s in Hollywood. Maybe it’s because I left home at 16 with nothing more than a backpack of belongings. Maybe it’s because I talk to people every day about what feels impossible – in skin and in life. I love stories about resilience. Tenacity. A gritty underdog whose determination and belief helped them overcome any setback.

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite stories about belief and resilience. Marlin believed he could find his son. He never gave up – even when that journey took him far outside his comfort zone – until he and Nemo were reunited.

I know we’ve had a rough couple of years. I’m choosing to believe in the good that lies ahead. Together, we can find our way.

In 2022, if you have a dream, believe in it. Invest in yourself. Get outside your comfort zone. In the inevitable moments of doubt, do what Dory used to tell Marlin, “Just keep swimming.”


Kate Somerville

P.S. – Speaking of believing, check out the incredible artwork and stories from foster youth who’ve aged out of the system. One foster youth’s story and artwork will be featured on my packaging in 2021. I can’t wait to share that with you soon! Here are some of the other incredible submissions to be inspired by. For more information on our partnership with Foster Nation, visit


Eleanor Lopez-Dominge

My piece represents the current, how it changes, and the challenges human beings go through. I believe that if you’re determined, nothing can stop you."

- Eleanor Lopez-Dominge ​

Kiana Deane

When flowers grow, it’s a process. It's the same with my life. While I was born into negative circumstances, this painting reminds me that my life can be beautiful. If I plant myself in the right places, I believe I can produce great things.

- Kiana Deane

Grace Reitsma

This artwork is about confidence, accepting adversity head on and claiming prosperity. I believe that even in the dark times, eventually the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and the caterpillar will turn into a butterfly.

- Grace Reitsma

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