Ask the Skin Health Experts: In-Clinic & At-Home Peels

Ask the Skin Health Experts: In-Clinic & At-Home Peels

Ready to hit refresh on skin this Spring/Summer? An in-clinic or at-home peel may help you achieve smooth, radiant, glassy-looking skin. To see what kind of peel is best for your skin needs, our Skin Health Experts answer your top peel questions!

Q: What kinds of skin concerns do clinic chemical peels address?

A: Chemical peels are used to treat a variety of skin concerns, including wrinkles & fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, scars, melasma, uneven skin tone or redness.

Q: When I come into the clinic for a peel, what can I expect?

A: It depends on the peel. At Kate Somerville, we offer 30-minute Glytone Peels, which are superficial peels administered by an esthetician which uses mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acids to gently remove the outermost layer of skin but penetrates no deeper than that. They're best done in a series of three to four peels every week or two for optimal results. Glytone Peels are great for someone who’s never done a peel before. They’re formulated for enhanced penetration and deeper results with minimal irritation. Each peel is packed with powerful acids to penetrate the skin for consistent, reliable exfoliation and long-lasting, visible results. You can customize them to the results you want, from anti-aging to blemish treating.

We also offer VI Peels, which are medium depth peels administered by one of our clinic nurses or nurse practitioners. They involve trichloroacetic acid passes through the outer layer of skin and affects the middle skin layer. Medium peels target some issues that result from damaged skin cells. Just one medium depth VI Peel will deliver the visible results of 3-4 superficial peels. However, there can be some down time while the skin recovers. Specifically, you might experience flaking skin or dryness or redness following a VI Peel, especially if you’re new to peels.

Q: Do I need to do any skin prep prior to coming in for a clinic peel?

A: We recommend prepping skin up to two weeks in advance of your peel appointment. Specifically, you’ll want to discontinue using any Retinol products, including prescriptions like Retin-A or generic versions of Accutane. You’ll want to prep skin for your peel by using our ExfoliKate® collection. Twice a week, apply ExfoliKate® Intensive to skin, leaving on for two minutes, then rinsing off. This effective exfoliator removes dead surface skin cells to help the peel ingredients penetrate more easily into skin. Liquid ExfoliKate® is also an option, and best used at night as a toner step. It’s gentle enough for nightly use, and improves skin texture and tone. ExfoliKate® Glow is our clinic-inspired moisturizer that hydrates the skin while also sloughing off dead skin cells. Be sure to add that to your peel prep regimen.

Q: Do you recommend any post-peel skincare products that support the visible results achieved from the peel?

A: Post-peel, you’ll want to be very gentle with your skin while it’s generating new skin. Our Skin Health Experts recommend the Kate Somerville DeliKate™ collection, including our soothing cleanser, which is very gentle on the skin and super hydrating, the recovery serum to replenish hydration and help protect skin with ceramides. And finish up your post-peel routine with DeilKate™ Recovery Cream, designed lock in hydration while helping to restore the skin barrier.

Q: If I’m not near one of your clinics, do you offer an at-home peel to achieve similar results?

A: Yes! Our new KateCeuticals™ Resurfacing Overnight Peel is a leave-on peel that reveals smoother, glassy skin while you sleep. It’s expertly formulated with clinically proven age repair ingredients including Glycolic Acid & Retinol to support cell turnover and improve texture, Niacinamide to even skin tone and visibility improve dark spots and Ceramides that support the skin barrier while minimizing irritation. After just 1 USE, you’ll see improved luminosity, the appearance of fine lines, and skin texture.*

*Results based on independent clinical study

Q: If I use the at-home peel, what products can I pair with it?

A: We recommend using a hydrating and soothing serum like DeliKate™ Recovery Serum. While our overnight peel shouldn’t create any downtime, you may still experience some sensitivity and the serum helps to lessen that effect.

Q: Can I use the overnight peel around my eyes?

A: We do not recommend the overnight peel around delicate eyes, however, you will see visible results from our KateCeuticals™ Lifting Eye Cream. It’s clinically proven to depuff under eyes and improve the look of dark circles while achieving a lifting effect. If you’re specifically concerned about under eyes, we can treat those with our under eye peel at the clinic. You can also treat the under eye area with PRF injections, Laser G, and eye creams that contain caffeine.

Q: How long do peel results last?

A: Peels are best done in a series, however, you should see visible results for up to four weeks following a clinic VI Peel.

Interested in booking a peel at our Los Angeles clinic?

To book your peel at our Melrose Place clinic in Los Angeles, call our Skin Health Experts at (323) 655-7546.

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