Simple Skin Tips for Travel

Simple Skin Tips for Travel

Traveling away from home whether for a vacation, work, or some other matter can tend to be a little bit stressful. Being away from your regular routine can be a struggle and all this change may start to have an impact on your skin depending on how long you are gone. You might not be able to travel with your full-size premium skin care products, airline travel can wreak havoc on your skin’s appearance, and a long day on the road can leave you feeling, and possibly looking, a bit haggard and drained. Thankfully with a little preparation and planning from our packing list for skincare travel essentials for women, you can avoid a lot of these unpleasant side effects of traveling for work or vacation and maintain the glowing skin you have worked hard to achieve.


Skincare Travel Essentials

Wondering how to keep skin healthy while you travel can seem like an impossible question to answer, but when you implement a few simple skin tips into your packing and travel plans you will be less likely to arrive at your destination feeling less than optimal. We caught up with Kate Somerville skin expert Michelle Freese to get her best travel essentials for women. Here is what she had to say!


Keep Skin Hydrated

Unfortunately, traveling can suck a lot of the moisture right out of your skin, leaving you with dry skin that feels tight and uncomfortable. This is typically a result of decreased humidity within the atmosphere. Specifically, airplanes tend to have at least 10% less humidity present in the air than most experience in their home environment. You can help avoid this problem by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out. Start by drinking plenty of water before and during your travels, this will help to amp up the hydration of your skin and keep it going strong while you are en route.



On the day of your travels, Michelle recommends using a hydration-intense products in addition to drinking plenty of water to further maintain your skin’s moisture, especially for airplane trips. 


Think Travel-Size 

Stock up on your beauty and skincare essentials like facial cleanser, eye cream, makeup remover wipes, and moisturizer with travel-size skin care products so you can maintain your glow no matter where you go. Think hard about which skin care products you absolutely cannot live without and then see if you can purchase them in a smaller size. If they are available, be sure to only use these products when you are actually traveling to help ensure you are always prepared for a quick trip. We even offer curated skin care kits and travel size skin care for various skin concerns with all your must-have products in the perfect travel containers. If, however, your most essential products are not available in a travel-size container, make your own! Whether you purchase small squeeze bottles or individual cosmetic jar pots, you can usually find a suitable container to house your product with minimal effort—and to ensure that they’ll fit inside your suitcase or other luggage without taking up too much space!


Wear Sunscreen

Obviously, you will want to bring some sun protection to wear at your destination, but what about while you travel? It can be tempting to assume that if you will be “inside” all day whether in a car, on a train, or aboard a plane. However, this is not the case as you will still be exposed to harmful UV rays via the windows of these vehicles as none of those windows are designed to effectively protect against this type of exposure. And when you are on an airplane, you are 10,000 feet closer to the sun putting you at a much higher risk of burning or damaging your skin! What are the 5 benefits of sunscreen? Read our related blog to find out.


Fighting the negative effects that traveling can have on your skin may seem daunting at first, but as you can see, a little planning will go a long way. Focus on keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out and bring your most important beauty products with you for use on your trip. This will help keep your regular skincare regimen in place with few adjustments. As you are actively traveling, apply moisture preserving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to not only maintain your skin’s hydration but to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin by the time you arrive at your destination.

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