Is a wedding in your future? If so, congratulations! Experts say 2022 will see weddings happening at record high numbers, with everyone from the Bride & Groom to the wedding party, parents and guests alike seeking guidance on how to get their skin to look amazing and be its healthiest. While Google, Siri & Alexa offer an abundance of articles & advice, how do you know who to trust with your wedding-ready skin?

Look no further than the Kate Somerville team of Skin Health Experts at our Melrose Place, New York and UK Clinics. Our team has cared for clients and their skin for 17 years, transforming the most challenging skin concerns and celebrating each new phase of life with them, including many weddings.

We offer special Wedding Packages at our Clinics to help clients prep for the big day. When it comes to getting your skin wedding-ready, we have a countdown routine Clinic clients swear by, including the all-important home care you’ll do each and every day to amplify the results of your Clinic treatments.

Before we get into our plan, a couple things to keep in mind. First, ENJOY this journey! Take some time to learn what you enjoy and while it’s great to try something new, if something doesn’t “feel like you”, scrap it! Second, all the rules of essential self-care apply – eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, practice good sleep hygiene and actively manage stress in a way that works for you. Remember, you will always glow the most when you are relaxed and happy!

Also, a few common questions to help guide your journey to wedding-ready skin.

When should I get started?

The sooner the better. If you want to try new treatments or have a skin concern you want to address, time gives you more options and the ability to budget your treatments.

If you plan to include medical aesthetic services like lasers, lights, injectables and more, in your journey, keep in mind some treatments have downtime and some take time to show visible results.

The closer you get to the wedding day, the less experimental you want to be with services and products. It’s important to start with a thorough consultation with an advisor you trust to guide you through this time.

How do I know who to go to?

Online resources such as search engines and review sites can be a great place to start and get a feel for what‘s available in your local area.

That said, nothing beats a personal recommendation from someone you trust or someone who you think has the results you’re hoping for, so don’t be shy to ask around.

What should I start with?

A consultation is always the place to start. If you’re new to getting services done, it’s great to get consultations from a few places before deciding on one.

Some spas and clinics may offer complimentary consultations, and some may have a small fee, which is often applied towards the service(s) you book.

Either way, a skincare consultation is great investment of time and even money to have a focused conversation on your needs and desires. And it’s better to see if you click with someone before investing in the full treatments.

What should I expect from my skincare consultation?

Options and realistic expectations are always helpful. It’s a good idea to get a consultation with an esthetician and nurse (or appropriate licensed professional in your state) as they will look at different skin issues and treatments, but ultimately the recommendations should support each other.

Don’t be daunted by a thorough plan. You can choose what’s comfortable for you once you know the full range of what’s possible for you and your skin goals.

At the same time, be honest about what you’re comfortable with and what you’re looking for. The last thing anyone wants to have is unmet expectations and upfront communication is essential to the process. Then, start with a simple facial to see how the full experience works for you before signing up for a full package of treatments.

Now it’s time to glow!

Sample Countdown – 90 days to the Wedding Day:

3 Months Out

  • Focus: Establish the plan. First facial creates a foundation of healthy skin for home care and following treatments.
  • Services: Initial consultation, facial & start on at-home product regimen.

2 ½ Months Out

  • Focus: Polish & refine skin texture, tone
  • Services: Laser Genesis

2 Months Out

  • Focus: Reduce lines and optimize skin tone & texture
  • Services: Facial + Nano-Needling Treatment

1 ½ Months Out

  • Focus: Optimize skin health and build a clear, youthful glow
  • Services: Facial + LED Therapy

1 Month Out

  • Focus: Polish skin texture and refresh overall appearance
  • Services: Laser Genesis + Toxin Refresh

2 Weeks Out

  • Focus: Optimize skin health and create a baby smooth finish
  • Services: Facial + Dermaplaning

Week of Wedding

  • Focus: Polish skin texture while sculpting and firming shape
  • Services: Laser Genesis + Firming Treatment

Day Before or Day of Wedding

  • Focus: Refresh & hydrate skin
  • Services: Oxygen Treatment + LED Therapy
  • Extra: Pack a Wedding Night/Honeymoon Travel Kit of skin essentials

We hope this helps you get started on your pre-wedding skin care journey with confidence. Whatever you decide to do, try to relax and enjoy this very special new beginning in your life!

Wondering which of Kate’s products are right for you? Take our Skin Quiz here. Or book a visit to one of our Kate Somerville Clinics here.

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