Your Lunchtime Laser


New to medical esthetics treatments? Start here. This versatile and buildable laser therapy helpsto stimulate collagen, tighten pores, heal acne and reduce redness with no downtime. Gentle. Fast. Painless. Non-invasive. Suitable for all skin types. 

15 - 30 minutes | $250+


What To Expect

  • Before
    No prep needed but perfect add-on to a facial
  • During
    Feel at ease as our skilled technicians administer the Sciton ClearSilk laser with precision, targeting specific areas for a customized approach. You'll feel a warm session during your 10 minute treatment as your pores shrink and we build new collagen.
  • After
    No downtime! This is a great treatment for someone on the go. Recommended twice a month.

*Remember that treatment results vary from patient to patient, so consult your Esthetician or Nurse Practitioner to tailor your procedure based on your aesthetic goals.

Real People Real Results


Dull Skin, 28
  • Time Frame:
    24 Hours
  • Skin Goals:
    Tighten Pores + Glow
  • Results:

    Increased collagen production leading to tightened pores and glowing complexion.

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