LimeLight® IPL Therapy

$125-$330 per session| 30 min

A brief treatment that features an intense pulsed light (IPL) laser, LimeLight® Therapy to treat discoloration, texture issues and, most of all, blemishes caused by vascular, environmental or sun damage. It is especially useful with brown solar lentigos, sun spots, and other harmless brown or reddish marks from the sun.

This procedure is based around and adjusted to your individual needs. It begins with a flashbulb treatment which utilizes an adjustable redness-diffusing laser with settings for all skin types to target redness and smoothes the overall skin tone. The look of veins and fine lines is improved. After 5-6 sessions, LimeLight® study participants saw a 73% overall improvement in pigmentation. To ensure best results: use sunscreen, protect your skin from the sun and limit sun exposure in the days before and after treatment.

LimeLight<sup>®</sup> IPL Therapy


  • Ideal for Sun Damaged Décolleté.
  • Effectively Addresses Discolorations + Dark Spots.


  • Mega C Facial

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