Plump + Smooth

The HydraKate Plumping Facial

The facial for immediate and lasting hydration and plumping benefits. Innovative micro-channeling technology guides deeply-hydrating active serums into the epidermis to saturate skin from deep within. If you’ve been curious about microneedling, this is an excellent first step. For a nourishing facial that targets fine lines and uneven texture, while visibly plumping and smoothing skin, this is the one you want.

90 minutes | $325


What To Expect

  • Every facial includes 5 minutes for pre-treatment prep and another 5 minutes for your post-treatment transition into the rest of your day.
  • Non-drying double cleansing + gentle exfoliation therapies customized for your skin.
  • Ultrasound waves stimulate collagen production and prep deeper skin layers to absorb high-performance plumping and firming serums.
  • Recommended add-ons: ClearSilk, Dermaplaning, LED Light Upgrade

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